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Heat Ain't Hot Until It Burns You by Is Said
"...her gang all get caught and end up in jail; fortunately, none of them implicates her as one of the gang members.  Next Zcolla gets involved with friends who plot to rob some Columbians of drugs and mone.  However, during the robbery....."

HERTBER E BROWN, Auther of Blood or Justice, Pimps in the Pulpit; Legendary Black Lawmen, Tales of the Buffalo Soldiers and A Letter From the Grave 

Eyes of a Smiling City written by Is Said
"...It shows the culture, beauty and kindness of the people in Gamia and Senegal.  it shows the pros and cons of living there and how close the relationships between people of those countries are....."
Fatou Janneh 
Special Friends by Is Said
" and engaging urban tail about the challenging relationships and life of choices of brothers in the hood.  Brother Brown sets the stage with his corner business style and survival mentality....."

Sister Gloria J Long, MSSW 

Art by Wali Neil

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