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Is Said has been writing poetry, plays, producing plays and performing poetry for years.  It has not been all good.  It has been a rough road getting to where he can connect to other people's styles.  With the understandings that we are all being tested by the history and especially in the Eyes of the Children.  Because Children are also people.  He looks as if this world is for the children.  Aldults are the teaches and learners of history, as HISTORY IS WATCHING US ALL.

Writing saved his soul and kept him focused to the craft.  It kept him focused from doing crazy thines to survive.  There is a tree in Franklin Park in Columbus, Ohio where he did much of his writing in those days.  Once a month for the past 32 years he has traveled to Africa for insperation. 

SAVE FREEDOM....So The World can have some Peace!


I have always wondered why Africa can be so rich in resources, but yet the countries and its people seem to be so poor.  When I first arrived on this Continent it bothered me very much.  Since then I have overcome my fears to understand that things are going to be right one of these days for all African people.

And until this day all the rich and so called rich people will one day see the light of the truth and give something back to Africa and I don't mean in guns either.

And until the time, THEN ALL THE KILLNGS AND MURDERING IS FINISHED. SAVE FREEDOM. Africa has bent over backwards for the world FROM IT'S BLOOD, IT'S LAND AND IT'S PEOPLE.

Is Said

Eyes of Goree Island by Is Said truly a joy to read.  it is a collection of plays that speaks to the soul, entertains your emotions while filling your cup with wisdom, don't miss out on this good read, you will truly enjoy these plays; in my opinion it has all the ingredients that creates a masterpiece enjoy!

Calvin Stillwell

Work by Is Said
Is Said has written two short stories:
•"Street Justice" and "Picking Cotton"
•A collection of our Elders lives and History called "The Table is Set". Is Said has also written about 45 plays since 1973.

Poetry Publications
Save Freedom..So The World Can Have Some PEACE - 2016

Sleepy Head - Children's Play - 2015

Eyes of Goree Island - 28 African American Plays 2015

Picking Cotton (Short stories)   2004   
 Eyes of Peace (pt. 2) 2003
Eyes of Peace (pt. 1) 2002             
Symbols of Respect  1998    
God made us Black  1996
Property of Africa  1994       
Stop the world, it’s about survival and let us back on   1992
Nobody’s perfect, nobody’s safe 1990
Change is Coming   1987
History Makers   1986
Everybody will be equal after the bomb 1984
It’s the 80s baby, and our dues are paid 1982
Mission Poetry 1981  
Magic Power   1980
No Problems   1979     
 Child’s Play 1978
Chasin a Dream 1977
Push & Shove 1976
Secret Prayer 1975
Master Plan   1974   
Is Said 1973


Book List
Is Said
Master Plan
Secret Prayer
Push & Shove
Chasin Adream
Child's Play
No Problems
Magic Power
Mission Poetry
It's the 80s baby, and our dues are PAID
Everybody will be equal after the BOMB
Change is Coming
Nobody's Perfect, Nobody's Safe 
Stop the world, it's about survival, and let us back on
Property of Africa
God made us Black
Symbols of Respect
Eyes of Peace (Pt 1)
Eyes of Peace (Pt 2)

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